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Today is the best of times and the worst of times. We have technology surpassing the best science fiction of previous generations. We have entertainment options galore. The whole world should be a happy paradise. But, it’s not. Brokeness is all around us.


I’ve pondered that question for a long time. I believe we find the answers to that and other vital questions when we find God.

Maybe I can help you to find answers to your questions? I’m glad you came to visit. Please, read on…


About the author

Phil has spent years helping people to understand problems and find solutions.

He holds degrees in a range of topics: A degree in Voice and Drama from Indiana University, an M.Div. from Biblical Seminary, a Master of Software Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and a Doctor of Ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary.

With this diverse training, Phil has served in numerous roles:
• Performer with choirs and opera companies in venues as grand as the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, and as humble as the county prison
• Computer Specialist for international corporations and small startups
• Staff member of churches with hundreds of people, and solo pastor of a church meeting in the local YMCA
• College professor and youth worker
• Social worker with the mentally handicapped
• Author and Conference Speaker
• All the small jobs people do to get through school: Security Guard, Cafeteria worker, Janitor, Gas Station attendant, and Factory worker

With these varied experiences, Phil can relate to just about anyone!

His years working with all these groups have allowed him to have a rare perspective on the problems of the world. He draws from Theology, The Bible, and Science for solutions.

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